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Funky Comfy Kids Furniture

Have some fun with the kids! We offer funky and comfy kids furniture either complete or as a kraft kit you can make your self. The kids table and chairs are very easy to make and easy to decorate with the children. They can be painted or decorated with decoupage. As well as the fun of making and decorating they make great places for the kids to be creative, paint and draw or simply to sit and read.

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Readymade Ecoseatz and Table
Readymade Ecoseatz

Ready made Ecoseatz and Table

Decoupage Ecoseatz
Kraft Ecoseatz

Kraft Ecoseatz decorated in Decoupage

Ecoseatz and Ecoplinthz

Ecoseatz handcrafts children's furniture and display plinths. Whether it is one of our complete readymade Ecoseatz, Ecoplinthz or Kraft Ecoseatz they are all handcrafted in England. At the heart of our furniture is the tube which gives great strength for it's weight and it is made from 100% recycled paperboard. Throughout the construction of our furniture we have tried to use the most environmentally friendly material, using recycled material where we can. This is not always possible so we are constantly trying to find more environmentally friendly or recycled alternative materials which will allow us to improve our relationship with the environment without compromising the quality of our products.   

Customer Charter - What we promise to do for you

You don't know us, hopefully you heard about us from a friend but maybe you just found us on the web. So we think that it is important for you to know what we promise to do for all of you - our customers.


  • Our aim is for you to love the products we produce and to make you a happy customer. Respecting your privacy and information you give us, including your contact information is critical for us to achieve this aim.
  • We do not like spam and will not share, sell or giveaway your information. We don't want you to have more spam because of us.
  • We use paypal to process our transactions. They're reliable, secure and you don't need an account in order to use the service.
  • If you contact us before 5pm we will get back to you the same day
  • If you choose an eco seatz or plinthz we have in stock we will send it out to you the day we receive payment
  • If you choose bespoke seatz or plinthz designs we will produce it in a week and send it out or if we can't due to lead time issues we will tell you within 24 hours of your payment.
  • If you are not happy with any of the Seatz or Plinthz we will take it back and fully refund you.