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Display Plinths

Our Eco Plinthz, plinths, pedestals or display stand, are the ideal way to display flowers, plants or your treasured items in your home.  

They utilize the central tube structure to give a high strength to weight ratio and are available with either square or circular tops and bases. Like the chairs they are made from 100% recycled material to make the strong paperboard.

The tubes are cut to length and then hand painted to give a clean hard wearing finish and this also increases their strength and resistance to damage. The bases and tops are produced from MDF which we make sure we purchase with an FSC certificate for sustainable forestry management. These are also hand painted and fixed to the tube to give a light, very strong and stylish pedestal.


You can buy the standard Plinths on this page.

The plinths or pedestals are available in three standard heights;



560 mm

440 mm


The square top is 310 mm square and the circular top is  310 mm diameter and the tube diameter is 265 mm.


Delivery is 10 working days subject to order quantity.


All pinths are for internal display only.


For larger orders we are able to produce different heights up to 1500mm. We can also offer different tube diameters; 305mm diameter with a 350mm square top and 405mm diameter with a 450mm square top. We are also able to produce special colours and finish to fit in with a room or display theme. All subject to order quantity. 

Our display plinths are ideal for the home and businesses. They are a great way to display your treasures in the home, whether collections, models works of art you name it. If you have something you really love and want to show, why not make it the focus of attention and make it a feature in your room with a display plinth.

Model Shops and Model Clubs

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Square topped Plinth

Display Plinth with 310 mm square top


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  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

Circular topped plinth

Display Pinth with 310 mm diameter top


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  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

Our display plinths can help many businesses show off their products and make them attractive to their customers. You can see them used on our customer's page to display wedding cakes and Sugar flowers. They have also been used for floral displays and for ceramics and potteries. If you are a 3D artist they are a great option to show your artwork so that it can stand out and shine in its own light.